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Welcome to the Leven Valley - one of Lakeland's best kept secrets

This is the Leven Valley Community's Website

View of Leven Valley from Gummer's How by M Morton

Above - a photo of the Leven Valley taken from Gummer's How by Mike Morton

History of the Leven Valley

The Leven Valley was formed during and after the last ice age and takes its name from the River Leven which flows out of the south end of Windermere, England's biggest lake. On its relatively short journey from Windermere to the sea the river Leven passes through a number of villages before it enters Morecambe Bay at Greenodd. Over the years the river has been a source of power for numerous industries in the valley.

Since the valley was first inhabited by prehistoric man the river Leven has powered or served many forms of industry including early Farming, Cotton mills, Iron Bloomeries and Iron Mills, Gunpowder Manufacturing, Ultramarine Blue manufacturing and of course Forestry and Agriculture.

The Leven Valley, Picturesque and industrious!

In earlier times the river was navigable and would have been used by the Vikings and Romans to explore, trade and colonise many areas of the County.
Whilst still providing power, the river Leven is now largely used for leisure pursuits than anything else, though having said this, the Leven Valley is certainly not a sleepy hollow, far from it.
The industries which operate from the Leven Valley may have changed from the old and dirty, traditionally heavy industrial sectors to cleaner and quieter forms of wealth generation but it is still a lively corner of England's Lake District.
Today's industrial sectors no longer create as much of a dramatic footprint on the local landscape as did the old traditional businesses. Gone are the black and grimy clouds with their associated noises to be replaced by creative industries and clean manufacturing in sectors like High Technology, Technology, Artisans & Crafts, Leisure and Hospitality, Agriculture and Horticulture.
Within this website you will find many historical facts and anecdotes about the area we live and work in. Such as early Iron Making, early Gunpowder Manufacturing, Ultramarine Blue manufacture, and the mystery of the Finsthwaite Princess.
We hope you enjoy the information and that you visit our area for its naturally beauty much of the local flora tends to hide from view the vibrant villages which make up the Leven Valley communities.

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